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Programs & Services | Asian Governance Foundation

Programs & Services

The Asian Governance Foundation provides a variety of consultancy services, training courses, seminars and lectures. Based on the expertise of our members and affiliates, our services include diverse consultations such as ad-hoc advice, strategic planning for projects with partners, structured insights on matters of law and politics, as well as developing and creating comprehensive program strategies. The AGF also facilitates contacts with experts in our network and third parties.

We offer tailor-made training programs and workshops for groups and individuals from various professions including judges and attorneys, law enforcement and security force officials, human rights defenders, administrative officers and diplomats. Our training programs combine technical skills with knowledge and values in order to guarantee holistic and valuable outcomes.

A number of our programs and services are offered in cooperation with the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG). We offer courses and seminars for students and young scholars and besides regular law lectures and seminars at Thammasat University, given both on bachelor and master degree level in English, special German language classes tailored to lawyers are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

We conduct legal and political research, often in close cooperation with scholars from various universities or governmental institutions. In addition, we facilitate research projects of third parties, providing practical advice and infrastructural support.

Consultancy & Training

We consult and advise a wide range of stakeholders including public authorities, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private enterprises. Our consultancy work draws upon the expertise of our intercultural team and the experience of our network and partners in the public and private sectors, combining theory and practice.

We provide recommendations and strategies for legal and policy reform and consistently monitor political developments and behind-the-scenes transformations. With this we are able to advise and elaborate on possible future scenarios, including political and security projections for Thailand and Southeast Asia.

We conduct training courses in various fields including legal drafting, rights-based leadership and cross-cultural management and compliance. We have significant experience in conducting training courses for human rights lawyers, various security forces, business representatives, judges and journalists.

For more information on our consultancy and training services, please contact us or visit the website of our cooperation partner CPG.

Teaching & Learning

In cooperation with CPG, the Asian Governance Foundation offers law lectures and seminars at Thammasat University as well as German language classes. We also conduct classes and seminars on selected topics related to law, politics and history of Asia and Europe.

Annual Summer Academies on German and European law in Germany are organized by our cooperation partner CPG, as is the annual Human Rights Academy arranged at the Faculty of Law of Thammasat University in Bangkok. Further academies have taken place in Poland and Indonesia.

Graduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to and supported in their efforts to join master degree and doctoral degree programs of CPG’s German partner universities.

More information about the academies and courses can be found on the website of our cooperation partner CPG.

Research & Publications

The Asian Governance Foundation conducts research projects on doctrinal, empirical and historical topics related to our expertise. We conduct fundamental research, track the formation of theories, and fill gaps in the existing literature. In this regard, our researchers observe global normative trends, their regional and national adaptation, and the relationship between different normative levels. Our research strives to build the bridge between theory and practice.

We regularly address current (geo)political developments and legislative projects. We create synergies between our research and our academic conferences and seminars and, as such, our events are also a reflection of our research.

In cooperation with CPG, we provide platforms for publication of research and invite renowned experts as well as young academics to publish their research papers in one of CPG’s publications. Moreover, we advise on further publication opportunities and facilitate contacts with publishing companies.

Asia in Review is a news review of recent happenings in the region, which AGF publishes in cooperation with CPG. Through this newsletter, we gather and share the most important news and analyses from East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The newsletter contains references to articles published in online newspapers, journals, and blogs. It covers background analyses, opinion pieces, comments, and recent developments in public law & human rights, security & peace studies, and governance & compliance.

Please visit CPG’s website for more information about our publications series.